Positivity versus limiting beliefs

We all feel down in the dumps sometimes, but your mindset makes a difference. If you believe change is possible, it is. If you don’t, and you feel stuck, you’re most likely going to stay stuck until your attitude shifts.

You are what your believe yourself to be.

Both our conscious and unconscious beliefs have a profound impact on nearly every aspect of our lives. They affect all of our behavior and the thousands of decisions that we'll make throughout our life. Our beliefs affect whether we succeed or fail in both professional and personal contexts. They affect our capacity for happiness and whether we we believe it's possible to become the person we most want to be and accomplish the things that we most value in life. At the heart of this belief system which is forged early on in our childhood, is whether we have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset, which determines just about everything about how your life will unfold!

A Fixed Mindset = Limiting

A “fixed mindset” is just that, fixed, and it limits us as we exist within its confines. A person with a fixed mindset believes that their character, personality, intelligence, and any creative abilities that they have are simply the lot they've been blessed with in life and that’s it. They don't believe they have the ability to change themselves or their life in any meaningful way, and that any success they garner — or not — is simply an affirmation of inherent intelligence, skills, and luck. They often avoid challenges and obstacles, as it seems easier to maintain status quo and avoid the setback that possible failure would bring. Those with a fixed mindset often have a consuming need to prove themselves over and over again. This hunger for approval weighs them down, whether they are aware of it or not, and they're usually not genuinely happy or satisfied with life. 

Growth Mindset = Unlimited Potential

On the other hand, a “growth mindset,” is one that allows us to thrive on challenge and see failures as an impetus to grow and stretch beyond your existing abilities or circumstances. Someone with a growth mindset sees the hand they’ve been dealt simply as a starting point, because they know that their true potential is unknown and boundless and that it's possible to achieve anything their heart and mind can dream up. They usually have a true passion for learning, with an understanding that qualities such as intelligence and creativity, and even relational capacities like love and friendship, can be learned and cultivated. They don't have a need to prove themselves and have no shame in learning how to overcome their deficiencies or shortcomings. A person with a growth mindset seeks out experiences that will stretch and challenge them and knows they'll make it through stronger even when times seem tough or challenging. For the most part, they feel positive about life and what it holds for them.

Real World Consequences

You might be reading this and wondering, "Who has a fixed mindset? Don't we all truly believe deep down that anything is possible?" Trust me, there are plenty of people out there suffering in the confines of a limiting belief system that tells them they cannot create or manifest the life of their dreams into being and instead must settle for a life that doesn't bring them utmost joy.

These two differing mindsets are often born in us as children, depending on whether we were raised to value achievement, which demonstrates our innate abilities, or we were praised for our efforts. Children praised for achievement often become fearful of trying new things or to develop new skills, as their fear of failure can become paramount and lead them to avoid trying anything they might fail at. Instead, children who are praised for effort encourages an inherent desire within them to stretch themselves and try new things, whether they are challenging or not

Let me ask: Do YOU have a success or failure mindset? Are you afraid to try something new because of a looming fear of failure? Are you constantly judging and assessing yourself and the people around you? That's a fixed mindset. Or do you have a voracious appetite for learning and an interest in working hard and making efforts to become your best at whatever it is you do? That's a growth mindset which serves as a foundation for building a life that's a lot more fun, adventurous, and exciting!

Cultivating a growth mindset in where you believe anything is possible is crucial if you want to be more resilient and be inspired to take continued action to achieve whatever it is you most deeply desire in life. If your perspective is limited, your life will be too. But, it's possible to shift your outlook, trust me. One of the most powerful and effective ways to start doing this is to envision your life in the future, maybe one your out – Ask yourself, What are you doing each day? Where do you live? How do you look? Do you have a partner and a fulfilling romantic life? Really bring out the details by inhabiting what your future FEELS like. Using desired feelings and emotions as the fuel for shift is a helpful approach. If you want support in getting into a mindset where you believe in your dreams, however impossible they might seem,, coaching with me can be a great support! Click here to find out how.