Dara Merin


for health-conscious women who are ready
to forge a new path forward

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Hi there, I'm Dara. I offer support and guidance to women who are craving change and seeking
optimal health, more energy, and balance in their lives.

Do you need support, resources, and inspiration on your path to vitality and thriving? Welcome.

If you're like most of the women who come to me, you're struggling on your path to feeling fantastic, day in and day out. You don't have the optimal health, energy, or tools that you need to really feel your best, live your life authentically, and be your truest expression in the world. You've made some progress, but true healing, vibrant health and energy and the happiness that you know is possible still elude you. 

Dara Merin

Working with me empowers you with the knowledge and support you need to take your life and health to the next level.

Living in this stressful modern world, we confront so many choices around how to take care of the bodies we inhabit, and it's easy to get confused. The question becomes WHO to listen to to help guide you down the path towards your own optimal, radiant health? It can take some sorting through the information out there to find what works for you, and that's where I come in.

I have over a decade of experience in the nutrition and wellness world and have delved into studying just about every health fad and idea out there. I'm not a preacher and I'm not dogmatic about any one approach, but I've healed myself and some pretty deep issues and have a ton of experience seeing what works for women to stay balanced, be vibrant, and thrive these days. Plus, I've been living in Northern California for twenty years now and have been immersed in the world of personal growth since arriving. I've got the presence, insight, tools, resources and skills to really help you make deep lasting change.

Working together, I'll help you to reconnect to your own inner wisdom so that you can be an active participant in your own healing — after all, you're the only one who can do it! I'll help you identify what's right for YOU and your body. I'll support you in learning how to combine modern science with ancient practices and "biohacks" to create an effective daily regime, along with diet and supplement support, that will allow you to take your health to the next level.

With my enthusiastic and artful guidance, you'll be inspired to step into a powerful vision for your life and health that's in alignment with your deepest truths and intentions. Together, we'll identify your truest core values around how to live, and we'll tap into a deep well of inner motivation so that positive, sustainable change is within reach. We'll build a foundation of diet, exercise, and daily practices and rituals that will allow you to cultivate good habits and expand into the life of your dreams with ease and grace. 

Years ago, I would've been absolutely THRILLED to find a coach to hold my hand and to support and root me onwards into action when I didn't know what was the next right step. Now, I'm that person — the one with the insight and wisdom to help YOU find YOUR way on your personal path towards holistic healing.

Every woman is unique, so your coaching journey will be tailored and customized just for you so that you flourish as you have fun, enjoy life, and embody the strength, resilience and adaptability needed to thrive in the face of whatever you encounter. 

Dara Merin

Here's what you can expect:

• We'll meet two times per month, on video chat if possible and you prefer

• In between, I am available for support via email or text.

• In addition, I'll offer you a variety of resources as called for, and you can follow up on those at your own pace.

• To begin with, the commitment you make to working with me will be for at least two months. After this, we'll reassess how it's going and decide if we want to continue.

In our sessions, I offer accountability and show up as your ally, as your champion, and as a caring, resourceful cheerleader who you will be glad and grateful to have on your team.

Wouldn't you like to relax and know that you have someone to turn to who's not only full of inspiration, but who has an idea or answer for everything?

If you're committed to creating a life you love to live everyday, let's schedule a free thirty minute call to discuss working together in a coaching relationship. This is your chance to share with me some of the goals you are wanting to accomplish and to test out our chemistry to see if we are a good fit.



"Dara knows how to light your fire! Call on her when you are ready to ignite your life in the sacred fire of transformation."

"Dara is a savvy, brilliant woman brimming with excitement to help people live into the most vibrant, healthiest version of themselves."

"Working with Dara helped me leap forward into the projects and goals I had been avoiding. She helped me step back into my own vibrancy and magnetism. Dara will infect you with her vivacious fun nature. I highly recommend her for coaching, classes, or anything she is offering!"