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A little about me

Who I am
What I believe
Why I do what I do


I believe that it's never too late.  

I believe that it's always possible to become stronger and healthier than you've ever been before — physically, emotionally, and spiritually — and to get closer to the life you know is possible deep in your heart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

I felt hopeless, sick 

I very much understand what it feels like to know that your health is suffering and that your life isn't what you want it to be because of that. It's so easy to get to a place where you don't know what to do next! 

I've been there Even the best doctors out there might not have solutions for you! They didn't for me. When I was in my twenties, I was sick all of the time, chronically ill with recurrent, pernicious infections and had zero skills for managing the crushing stress and sense of doom I felt. I had TMJ in my jaw which caused painful clicking that you could hear across the room - ouch! I was stuck in fight or flight mode. I felt unsupported by even the closest relationships in my life, and was isolated, lonely, and unhappy, with no direction. All the Western doctors could offer me was course after course of antibiotics and major surgery (that didn't work!), and I needed so much more. I felt despair, like life was working against me, and I had a looming feeling that my life was over — in my late twenties!

I was incapable emotionally and physically from being able to take the action that I needed to in order to be of service to this world, take charge of my life's direction, have thriving supportive relationships, and step into my role as leader. I had literally tried everything suggested to me, and I was at my wit's end, ready to give in and accept living as a shadow of myself for the rest of my life, since I didn’t know what else to do. 

Thank goodness I encountered a healer who saw my immense grief and defeat and the potential inside me. He saw me as a healer, but told me that before I could help heal anyone, I had to heal MYSELF. I am forever grateful for him setting me on a path to take charge of my own health and seek alternative care and support. As I improved, I began to learn about nutrition, consume weird green powders I'd never seen before, got a job at an organic farmer's market, learned about fermented foods, and realized, very belatedly, that antibiotics were not ever going to make me well and that food is not just delicious, but it can be medicine. I was introduced to the concept that my nervous system and inability to relax affected my overall health and that learning how to not always be in a constant parasympathetic-dominant fight-or-flight state was an integral part of my healing. 

As a result, I've spent the past decade and a half learning more and more about nutrition and health, and the resilience of body, mind and spirit required to create and sustain enviable wellness. I have learned that while food is an important tool, there is so much more thank just bodily nourishment. Today, I'm guiding women on their journey down the road I've already walked. I've got 15 years of experience and education and am armed with a multitude of tools, practices, and skills to assist women to let go and release old patterns that don't serve then, learn to trust the inner knowing they have inside them, and take action towards achieving the most radiant health and well-being.

I've seen over and over.....

I have a unique breadth and depth to me because of what I've experienced and healed. And I know A LOT about health and wellness, personal commitment, and what it really takes to heal and bring about lasting transformation— whether it be in body, mind, or spirit. I'm fully empowered to change the things in my life that no longer serve me, and I'm here to help other women do the same thing. In many ways, I've become the healer I was told I would become, and now it's my mission to help YOU be happier, healthier, and stronger.

confronted my own fallibility

compormised immunity, erratic blood sugar hungry all the time

sugar addict

moody unbalanced dicosnnected from nature

bad relationships, toxic, confusing, draining, mistreated in  low self worth, no direction

accepted and tolerated exhaustion

baking and cooking food that wasn't good for me. 


the short story is that i was obsessed with food adn cooking and learning world cultures . then got sick. was sick for years, then had a profound healing journey. studied nutrition. teaching it for over a decade. getting healthier and healthier. feel younger everyday. learn to listent o intuition, my body. we know. 

i believe we know what's really good for us, once we get beyond the noise. we know what makes sense. to get as close to nature as possible, the way thinsg wrre, what our grandparets ate etc


it'sa my intention to inspire you, this is my biggest gift. warmth, care, love, depth of presence with wisdom and compassion. to serve as a resource to help you figure out how.

I’m on a mission to inspire women to nourish their bodies and spirits to so that they can have the energy and vitality to create the life and dreams they envision. Do you feel called to work together? Want to learn more about what coaching with me might entail?


As a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Educator, I support women to achieve radiant health and resilience so they can truly flourish in life. I believe that vibrant energy and feeling good everyday are totally possible for every woman, even if it feel impossible to see right now. In order to know exactly where you're headed, your internal compass needs to be pointed in the right direction, the one that feels aligned with your heart and your deepest inner knowings. I help you identify that direction and serve as a resource to help you figure out what you need to fill your sails up so you can get there. Together, we focus on cultivating the conviction, the inner strength, and the vibrant health and energy that you need to get exactly where you want to go. 

Inspire you and instill you with the conviction that you need to create real, heartfelt change in your life, whether it's diet or something more personal. 

Insight to ignite you

help you see all points of view. I believe there is no right, one-size-fits-all way to care for yourself

clear the noise what do you really want? where is your inner compass really guiding you? what is it telling you you really want?

requires a leap of faith soemtimes. trust that the right support shows up at exactly the right moment


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