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At the sage table, you'll find wisdom for your kitchen
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I'm Dara Merin, CHEF, culinary instructor, and nutrition expert located in Berkeley, CA. In The Sage Table kitchen, everything is organic, wholesome, nourishing, fresh, delicious, and just really good for you! I'm a classically trained chef (graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY) and have been studying food and cooking since I was a teenager. Plus, I've spent more than a decade on top of that conscientiously studying all things related to health and wellness and how to live a long and healthy life, eating the most delicious, satisfying food along the way - no compromises there, I promise. 

I'm here to teach you all about what makes super yummy food that nourishes the body and soul on the deepest level. Food is my art and my passion for as long as I can recall, and there is so much that I look forward to sharing with you. If you are ready to expand your mind — and your palette — I hope to welcome you into my magical kitchen soon!



"Dara is a masterful chef who teaches with energy and warmth."

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“Dara’s commitment to health, nourishment and delectable taste are undeniable - and in addition to enjoying an amazing meal in a charming environment, you will leave with recipes that you can recreate!”

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“Dara’s passion for fresh, seasonal, organic food is contagious.  Her culinary mastery is obvious. Her creativity in the kitchen is that of a true artist. Her classes are dynamic, playful and full of valuable information. ”

“Dara, your classes are high energy fun. I really can not believe how much I learn each time. The Sage Table is the perfect name for your business. You are truly a sage chef! Information about good health is just bubbling out from you like a fresh water geyser. Each time I take a class with you, I find myself making a big, fundamental change in my diet and, of course, it’s always in a healthier direction.” — Jo H.