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Hi, I'm DARA . . .

I’m a proponent of natural beauty and delicious wholesome food, a devotee of the very best chocolate, and an all-around kitchen goddess. I believe in digging deep to find what you want most in life and following that call — to whatever it is that you long for. So let me ask you: What is it that you’re longing for?

Dara Merin

• Do you want radiant health, vibrant energy and natural well-being?

• Do you want to learn what it takes to thrive and feel good as a woman in this modern world?

• Are you searching for a coach and mentor to help guide you down your the path of healing towards wholeness and living your life with ever-increasing health and joyfulness?

• Do you want to be committed to the highest standards for living well, loving well, eating well, and staying vibrant and need resources so you can make this happen?

Well, I’m a seriously passionate wellness warrior who’s journeyed long on the path of healing myself so I KNOW what it takes. I truly believe that radiant health and vibrant well-being are achievable for all women, and I’m here to help guide you on your own path forth.

Dara’s energy is utterly infectious and completely inspirational. She is the embodiment of what she teaches and coaches, and she is one of the most vibrant, positive, wise and energetic women I have met.


Dara Merin Coaching


Offering One on One Mentoring and Support for women craving change and optimal health

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The Sage Table

The Sage Table

I’m a professional Culinary Instructor passionate about nutrition and wholesome, traditional ingredients

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Writings on nutrition, health, and the intersection of modern science + ancient wisdom to inspire inner joy + radiance

• for the modern Wise Woman seeking natural beauty and holistic wellness •


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Elixirs for Optimal Health, Vitality, and Hormone Balance

This morning workshop for women is for you if you desire:
• increased energy
• balanced hormones
• easier weight management
• delicious ways to incorporate a more diverse array of medicinal plants and herbs into your diet
• sweet treats in your life, including chocolate, that are free of sugars

We’ll be together in my beautiful kitchen, covering how to use herbal teas and infusions, tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms, different healthy fats, chocolate and coffee and more to create elixirs to drink any time of the day to feel amazing. There will be much discussion, including time for a Q & A and you’ll receive a comprehensive handout with recipes and additional pertinent information and resources. It’s going to be a very tasty and nutritious time together meant to help you upgrade your kitchen creations and leave you with tons of information to inform your choices for the future.

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Do you struggle with energy?

Slump midday?


Maybe it happens to you just as the caffeine from your last cup of coffee wears off?
Maybe you wake up tired and never really perk up?

I know the feeling, and I have some secrets to share with you…


If you’re a health-conscious woman wanting to feel your best, you’re going to love these tips and strategies for feeling more energized, all day long!

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