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Dara Merin

Hi, I'm Dara. If you long to be happier, healthier, and stronger than you've ever been before, then you're in the right place.

It's my mission to help women become stronger, more radiant versions of themselves — on every level.

It is NOT a given that as we grow older, our vibrance and good health have to diminish and fade. I believe that it's always possible to become stronger and healthier than you've ever been before — physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Cultivating this kind of strength and resilience is easier and more fun when you have inspiring guidance along the way, and that's where I come in! I'm a Health + Wellness Expert, Nutrition Consultant, Life Coach, and also a Certified Bulletproof Coach. Working with me offers you the direction, resources, and support that you need to become a glowing, radiant, energized you. 

Have you been wanting to...

• hone in on a diet that works for you so you can stop wondering what to eat and what supplements to take?
• increase your emotional resilience so you stop getting stuck and paralyzed in life?
• build your immunity so you are stronger, have more energy, and get sick less often?
• balance your hormones to regulate your mood and stress and keep off the extra pounds?

• feel more self-love, improve all your relationships, and benefit from real, healthy intimacy?
• be inspired to take action every day to create a life that reflects who you know yourself to be deep inside?

If so, you're in luck!

Years ago, I would've been absolutely thrilled to find a coach to hold my hand and root me onwards into action when I didn't know what was the next right step. Now, I'm that person — the one with the wisdom to help YOU find YOUR way. As your coach, I show up as your ally, as your champion, and as a caring, resourceful cheerleader who you will be glad and grateful to have on your team. Wouldn't you like to relax and know that you have someone to turn to who's not only full of inspiration, but who has an idea or answer for everything? Let me guess... YES, right? Great! Click below and find out more about one-on-one coaching.

You probably know by now that pushing aside your deepest desires and ignoring your dreams doesn't make them go away, so let's get started now.

"Working with Dara helped me leap forward into the projects and goals I had been avoiding. She helped me step back into my own vibrancy and magnetism. Dara will infect you with her vivacious fun nature. I highly recommend her for coaching, classes, or anything she is offering!"
"Dara knows how to light your fire! Call on her when you are ready to ignite your life in the sacred fire of transformation." 
"Dara is a savvy, brilliant woman brimming with excitement to help people live into the most vibrant, healthiest version of themselves."


Learn the specifics about what you can expect from one on one coaching work with me.


A little about me and how I got to where I am today.


Nutrition, health, and the intersection of modern science + ancient wisdom.

Dara Merin Energy Reset

Dependent on caffeine? Plagued by midday energy lulls? Stressing out and can't relax? No time for a yoga class?

I've got something for you: five simple practices and "hacks" that don't take much time or money, but can create
BIG change in your physiology, your health, and your mood.



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