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dara merin
"Dara’s energy is utterly infectious and completely inspirational. She is the embodiment of what she teaches and coaches, and she is one of the most vibrant, positive, wise and energetic women I have met."

Hi, I'm DARA

I'm fiercely devoted to helping you achieve your most radiant health and vibrant well-being. I’m a passionate wellness warrior and serve as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Mentor, Nutrition Expert, longtime Culinary Instructor, Cacao Aficionado, and much more. 

This site is here as a resource to help you learn to cook, create, and live your life with ever-increasing health and joyfulness. You'll find I've spent decades healing myself, learning what it takes to thrive and feel good. If you're like me and committed to the highest standards for living, loving, eating well, and staying vibrant, then you're in the right place. Welcome!

Explore to learn more about my offerings, which include:
a book I just wrote for health-conscious chocolate lovers who want to create the most high-vibing chocolate treats out there
• coaching and mentoring for women who want to create a lifestyle that supports great health, happiness, and resilience of body, mind + spirit
 nutritionally-minded cooking classes in the Bay Area + nourishing, delicious recipes online
an ever-growing collection of articles on the intersection of modern science and ancient wisdom, connecting to nature, how to's for radical self-care + lots more to inspire a healthy lifestyle.



A Comprehensive Guide for the Health Conscious Chocolate Lover
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The Sage Table

The Sage Table

Recipe Blog + Cooking Classes
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Dara Merin Coaching


One on One Mentoring and Support for Women
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Articles to inspire Natural Beauty, Joy + Radiant Health
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