Testimonials from Coaching Clients

Dara knows how to light your fire! 

Call on her when you are ready to ignite your life in the sacred fire of transformation. She skillfully wove many dimensions into our coaching — wisdom, intuition, intelligence, compassion, and gracious, loving applause. While she supported me in setting concrete goals, and taking continuous action, she also stood for the Inner Shift, that would source the outer expressions of my becoming a fulfilled and successful woman. I cried through the first three calls, as we revealed and healed deep-seated beliefs that have kept me stuck. I put powerful energy in motion, and boldly continue to move forward. 

I am lighter, freer, and more clear having worked with Dara.  Inner shift, indeed.  I truly Believe in the Highest Version of Me, as I work to bring Her into embodied, active focus.
~ Athena Grace, Yoga Teacher, Writer, Mother, Nevada City, CA 10/16


Dara has changed my life with her knowledge,
inspiration, and positive motivation.

She inspired me to listen and learn about myself, which was difficult for me as I thought my I had my life all figured out and needed no changes. Dara taught me to have an open mind.

I listened to her many words of wisdom and am now working on changing my relationships, my nutrition, my sleep habits, and exploring positive changes in every aspect of my life. I was struggling to maintain the status quo because it was my comfort zone and I was afraid to disrupt it. Because of Dara, i am working towards a happier, healthier, more stable life. Without her, I would not have had the courage to try doing everything better!
~ Violetta Zeikus, Realtor, New York, NY 9/17


Dara is a gifted health coach. 

She is obsessed (in a good way) with all health-related info and has a rare ability to store impressive amounts of data about cutting-edge and high-tech health technology in her personal bio-computer. Since she has been coaching me, I've just simply felt better, had more energy, and have been more focused than ever. My long-term sugar addiction and related candida symptoms are gone due to the healthy transition into a Bulletproof-style diet based on healthy fats, lots of veggies, and moderate protein.

Dara is a savvy, brilliant woman brimming with excitement to help people live into the most vibrant, healthiest version of themselves.   
~ Mathias P., Musician + Entrepreneur, Sebastopol, CA 9/16


Working with Dara is a delight!

I definitely had resistance to working with a coach, but Dara put me at ease with so much grace and care. I experienced her as “my own inner voice personified” — listening through what I shared and reflecting back what mattered to me, shining light in dark corners long and shaking longstanding cobwebs of self-sabotage and inertia.

Although the long-term patterns that began shifting are still a “one-day-at-a-time” challenge, I have a new sense of possibility for my life, having experienced for the first time ever what it feels like to take charge of previously out-of-control habits around sleep, work, and self-care.

I appreciate the fine line she walked, serving as a supportive champion who could sense just how hard to push so as to move me forward without triggering an “autonomy hissy fit” in my inner rebel. And I don’t know what brilliant stroke of intuition led her to put a particular powerful daily practice in front of me at the exact moment that she did … but that alone was a huge benefit, and it came in perfect timing! Dara, you are definitely an inspiration — a bright spirit, a wise and gentle guide, and a powerful force for good!
~ Laurie M., Book Editor + Nutrition Diva,  Emeryville, CA 10/16


Besides knowing Dara as a magnetic and vibrant woman, I have been inspired by her ideas, classes and advice for years. 

In my first coaching session with her, she made a simple observation that helped me reframe my situation, with compassion. This pretty much released me from the stagnation I had been experiencing, and I went into action. Dara also emailed me lots of great resources to support my goals and was super wise and generous with herself and her time.

Working with Dara helped me leap forward into the projects and goals I had been avoiding. She helped me step back into my own vibrancy and magnetism. Dara will infect you with her vivacious fun nature; she always seems to know something exciting about the latest food and health trends. I highly recommend her for coaching, classes, or anything she is offering! ~ Catherine Rose, San Leandro, CA 12/16

As a coach, Dara holds a great container,  and she has an diverse toolkit of processes that can address any number of areas for those seeking life coaching. She is an absolute expert on health, wellness, and nutrition.  I found her sessions to be encouraging, thorough, and I especially appreciated the homework and follow-up. 

~ Shera Sever, Business Consultant + Communications Strategist, San Francisco, CA 1/17

I really appreciate the reflections I receive from Dara. It's clear she really sees my essence and my greatest potential. It's especially meaningful because I have great respect for the person that she is and the powerful way she shows up in the world. I feel more empowered, free, and light, and I'm so grateful for the way she gives her gifts to me. 

~ Matthew T., Writer + Investor, San Francisco, CA 12/16

What's really been helpful is when you reiterate and extrapolate what I say to help me really hear the truth — to see myself in a positive light, believe in myself & what's really possible. As a coach, you help erase the 'Doubting Thomas in me, helping me see what's really underneath and feel into what's real. I appreciate all the insights you've helped me gain and the tools you've given me to help me move forward!

~ Devorah L., Teacher, Woodacre, CA 12/16